February 20, 2023

Third Trimester Joy

 I’ve found it consistently interesting how during my pregnancy others will counter what I’m feeling in the moment with what they expect I should be feeling at this stage in pregnancy. Through the first six months, when I told people I wasn’t loving pregnancy, most would continue to pepper me with their excitement. Then, when I suddenly started loving pregnancy in my third trimester, many can’t seem to let go of their perception that this must be an uncomfortable phase for me. I found this exchange with a man, of all people, particularly amusing:

Him: “Are you so ready for that baby to come out?”

Me: “I’m actually really enjoying this phase right now.”

Him: “I can give you some core exercises…it’s such a great time, having to pee all the time and having that weight…”

Me: “Actually, I’ve been able to exercise quite a bit and I haven’t had those problems--”
Him: “And ahh they’re kicking all the time, keeping you awake, so fun…”

At this point I realize he’s not really listening to me and just wants to hear himself talk about his expertise about an experience he’s never had, so I don’t tell him that I’ve loved the strong, erratic movement of our baby. One of the benefits of daily meditation for me has been an increased capacity to deflect negative or disconcerting interactions. 

And also, I’m happy. After the difficulties of my first and second trimesters, the ease of this third trimester feels all the more miraculous. In the first trimester I felt like I had every symptom possible, and in this one I’ve been so lucky not to have many of the classic third trimester symptoms - no fatigue, leg swelling, heartburn, constipation, constant urination, or back pain.  I love growing into my body’s ability to carry weight, and making adjustments while still feeling strong. I love knowing the baby will be here soon, and that everything I’m doing is helping them along. 

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